I teach cognitive psychology and well-being strategies to people across the community, corporate, health and education sectors. I have a diverse range of interests including personal and team performance, stress-reduction, communications, self-development, parenting, and mentoring young people. I have been asked to work within some of New Zealand's largest companies (including Air New Zealand and Kiwi Bank), district health boards and schools.

In the education sector, I present learning performance seminars and workshops to thousands of students, teachers and parents across New Zealand and parts of Australia every year. I offer one-on-one performance mentoring internationally through Skype and also donate my time to mentor students at my local high school.

I have been a guest speaker at many educational conferences including the New Zealand Association of Secondary Deputy and Assistant Principals (NASDAP) Conference, the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) Conference and the International Conference on Thinking (ICOT).

In the corporate and health sectors I offer stress-reduction / well-being training workshops (and personal coaching) to business people, doctors, dentists and other health professionals. I am dedicated to helping shift the paradigm of self-care to become a professional competence within organisations.